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Pendulum Dowsing

Some people call Fakir the work of evil. it is not true. Dowsing uses spiritual energy. In fact, the method uses a device known as dividing strip that produces minerals, water, and other underground materials. Spiritual food uses divine energy, not less energy.

What is the divine staff?

It is a long and shiny stem. The person holds the stick in a light fist. The long tip of the stem points towards the ground. Experts believe that detecting or reporting the presence of water or other underground material causes the stem to move.

What is the dose of spiritual pendulum?

Dates of thousands of years; the exact date is unknown. His initial goal was to connect with divine energy. One way or another, during the Middle Ages, people started associating it with the devil. In 1659, the situation went wrong and people started associating technology with the work of the devil But it makes no sense. Spiritually, it is not devilish or demonic in any way. It is a treatment today that works with precision and divine energy. With practice, you can become aware of the subtle energies around you and influence them. Spiritually, in simple terms, it is a kind of deliberate prayer. It is not enough to read about this therapy. Life Positive gives you the opportunity to attend spiritual dosing sessions by certified and reliable dosing experts.

How is it done?

The pendulum does not work with the intervention or creation of spiritual doses or with divine energy. This form works on the plane, that is, it affects energy and matter. This is done intentionally. It brings positive changes in the form of energy. Your brain must be in alpha frequency. The intention will be to harm others and work for the supreme good of all. Spiritual radiotherapy works on the principle that there is a presence of "invisible" energy that affects our sense of well-being and well-being. A specialist in supplements helps you become aware of this fact and work with these energies. Once you know this from an expert, you can deal with it yourself. A dowsing session helps eliminate unwanted energy and increases the vibrations of various aspects of life. It includes mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. It is possible to use this therapy in children and pets, at home and in the workplace. A spiritual dosing session can take the form of individual healing or distance therapy.

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International: 151 - 1 Hour Session

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